My clients are very diverse. They range from hotels to cafes, boutiques, apartments and showrooms. I also work with private homes and wedding planners. Very often, Interior Designers and Architects are the Project Managers.

Actually, it really depends on the design we draw together. What you should know is that the number of knots, the quality of the wood and the complexity of the overall structure have a substantial effect on the price.

You can simply use a clean feather duster. If your decor can be moved, take it out and tap it gently. You may want to use a Tide pen if it is stained.

Of course! And we are here for that, to make something personal, linked to your own identity and your vision. A setting is defined by how it makes people feel.

Yes, I would be happy to come to your company, your store or over coffee to discuss your project.

We make everything ourselves. For more complex projects, we have a network of specialized partners and craftsmen, all of whom are based locally.

This is the case, and it is interesting to note that if you have a small budget, you can find on www.macramebynicha.com nice decorative items and gifts!