"Trees, fields, wild flowers and rivers have shaped my world. So much so that I was almost born in it, hospitals being too far away at that time. This world is inside me and I am bound to it forever."
I can say that the absence of plants, of natural elements, around me gives me this certain impression of emptiness, of lack of harmony, of incompleteness."

Credit: elephantjournal.com
"I grew up at Chiang Rai outskirt, famous for its landscapes, its people and its crafts. I was born with a needle in one hand and a bamboo tea cup in the other.
We spent all our Sundays with my mom and older sisters making embroideries on outfits to be worn for special occasions. The mere sight of all those colors fascinated me. We would crisscross the threads and colors for hours on end to form these disciplined patterns with the river flowing in the background behind our house.
These moments developed in me a very intimate relationship with cotton threads, colors, the touch of a textile, the craft. And it is naturally that I passed from the thread to the rope. Seeing the rope as a big sister".


"The crisis has hurt us a lot. I had worked so hard to reach the world of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok, even passing through Qatar. And all of a sudden, everything fell apart. 
This huge slap in the face brought a question: "Jane, I know what you want, but what do you need?" And so it was with a red cheek that I understood what was essential.
Art, craft, nature. This is what I am, this is what Nitanan is.
 In fact, we are all "Nitanan". We are, each of us, connected to beauty and nature.
There is no duality, we are nature".

"So let's be ourselves. Let's give nature an essential place in our lives".
Nichanan - "Jane"





  • Nichanan, could you quickly introduce yourself?

- "I grew up in the north of Thailand, Chiang Rai Province, and now I am based in Bangkok and I love my art!"

  • Can you tell us what Nitanan is?

- "Nitanan is an interior and exterior decoration company that uses natural components. And one of our favorite materials is rope. And, also, we use bamboo, rattan, wood, jute and some kind of stones."

  • How did you get the idea to create Nitanan?

- "People asked me. We were working more and more with coffeeshops and condominiums with our previous brand Macrame by Nicha. So, we decided to create Nitanan to show to professionals what we can do for them."

  • Who are your main clients?

- "We work with all types of clients. From condominiums, showrooms, cafes and hotels. Sometimes, we also have individual guests who need something special for them."

  • What kind of projects do you work on?

- "Oh, there is a lot. There is no limit to the creativity. But if we want to categorize them, we do room dividers, modern wall hangings, ceiling and lighting decorations, backdrops... We do a lot."

  • What kind of project do you like the most?

- "You know, actually it doesn't really depend on the project itself, if it's a curtain, a room divider or a hammock.... What I like most is trying to understand and to draw the story of my client. That's why we chose Nitanan for our name. My client's story gives me imagination, and that's what I like most."

  • What does Nitanan mean?

- "Nitanan comes from “Nitan” which means “fairy tale” in Thai language.

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

- "Inspiration is everywhere. It can be in people, in things, sure in the nature, in existing art, it can be in the shapes of fruits! How do you know, it is everywhere. It all depends on how you look at your world."

  • How do you work with your clients?

- "We have 3 main steps.

1 - First, we meet to understand our clients' wants and needs.

2 - Then, we come back to present 3 to 4 concepts. We discuss them together and choose the most accurate one. And we start working on this basis until our customer is satisfied.

3 - Then comes the production time. It depends on the complexity of the project. Sometimes it can be done in our studio and sometimes we work directly on site if necessary.

A small project can take a few days to finish it. For a more complex project, it can take up to 1 month. It depends on the material and whether we have to coordinate with another team such as craftsmen, a welder or mason."

  • Any last words, Nicha?

- "I look forward to working on more and more exciting projects and making them even more amazing. You can contact us via our website and in social networks."





We believe more than ever that everything must be done to pass on a healthy planet to our children and grandchildren. This is not a trend, it is a necessity. There are no small gestures.

Our 2022 goals:

- 100% of our materials are natural or recycled (today 86%).
- 80% of our suppliers are GOT or/and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified (today 55%).
- 50% natural dyeing (today 100% of our non-natural dyeing is done in a closed loop).
- 75% local Thai company as supplier (now 63%).
- 75% plastic-free shipping packaging (today about 55%).


Nitanan is also a network of independent workers and artists located in Thailand.

Carpenters, basket makers, bamboo weavers, textile weavers, metal workers and masons are part of our network.

Wherever possible, we favor talented artisans who do not know how to expose their work to the world.


We believe that regular and planned exchanges are one of the main vectors of a successful collaboration.
Transparency and validation allow us to be in perfect adequacy with our customers and to take in charge in the best conditions any new project update.

We are partners in your success.

Whenever possible, samples are made to give our clients the clearest idea of the final project and to ensure that our team and our client are on the same page.

All of our products are triple-checked by different members of our team to ensure optimal quality.

Whether it's a small or large project, the quality control process remains the same.

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